The best thing about watermelon is that they contain a lot of water in it, plus it's rich in nutrition and vitamins, and it also tastes delicious. Watermelon silently serves a lot of health benefits.

A whole watermelon contains

● Calories- 30

● Carbs- 8 grams

● Protein- 0.6 grams

● Fibre- 0.4 grams

● Sugar- 4 grams

Health Benfits

Relieve muscle soreness: Citrulline in watermelon reduces muscle soreness, and interestingly watermelon juice can enhance the absorption of citrulline.

Improves digestion: Watermelon contains the right amount of water, and the slightest amount of fibre and these both play a vital role indigestion

Keeps hydrated: Water plays a principal role in balancing the body, intake of water is much essential to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Although eating food which has a high water level also helps, watermelon contains a lot of water which enables you to keep your body hydrated.

Health Risk

● Watermelon contains potassium and potassium level in our body might increase if we excessively eat watermelon; an increase in potassium level can cause a cardiovascular problem in our body.

● People who consume alcohol regularly should avoid eating too much of watermelon as lycopene in watermelon can react with alcohol and cause severe liver inflammation.

Watermelon Seeds Recipe

Few of you might know that Watermelon seeds are consumed as dry fruits. Lets us know bow to make it?

● Separate the seeds from the watermelon and keep it to dry in open space.

● When they are totally dried, fry them in heat

● Add some salt and pepper if you want.

● Your watermelon seeds are ready for munching