Walnuts come from the walnut trees and are rich sources of healthy fat, protein and fibre. Walnuts are considered the best for bone and heart' issue.

1 ounce of walnuts contains

● Calories- 200

● Fat- 20 grams

● Sugar- 1 gram

● Fibre- 2 grams

● Protein- 5 grams

● Carbohydrates- 3.89 grams

Health Benefits

Epilepsy: People with this condition tend to show symptoms of the lower level of manganese in their body, than those who have not developed this condition. Walnuts contain the right amount of manganese which is a good reason why it helps protected epilepsy.

Bone health: Like any other nuts walnut too contains a lot of mineral copper, which protects the bone from decaying and becoming hollow.

Health Risk

● Intake of excessive walnuts can cause severe bowel problems as it contains a lot of oil and fibres, which can easily upset your stomach.

● Although walnuts are not considered to enhance weight gain, it is dense in calories for which people are advised to consume it in a limited amount to put aways the risk of weight gain.

● As of now, you know that people with a nut allergy should also stay away from consuming walnuts as it can work as poison to the body