Spinach is something which has been used since the time of our forefathers, and the importance has always been increased as it is loaded with nutrients and low-calorie packages. To addition, it provides a lot of health benefits.

1 cup of raw spinach contains

Calories- 7

Protein- 0.86 grams

Iron- 0.81 grams

Potassium- 164 mg

Calcium- 30 mg.

Health Benefits

Cancer prevention: Green veggies contain chlorophyll, which has the potential to block the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines, which can contribute to the prevention of cancer.

Blood sugar level: As spinach contains potassium in the right amount, it is recommended to the people with high blood sugar level as potassium reduces the effects of potassium.

Promotes digestion regularly: Like any other food and veggies, even spinach contains the right amount of fibre and water, which is a significant aspect of digestive.

Health Risk

Consuming too much potassium can cause significant effects on people with kidney issues.

If someone is under medication of blood thinner, should avoid the intake of food with potassium content in excess.