Raisins are dried grapes, because of which the nutrients counts of raisins are the same as grapes. Although there are certain exceptions, they both provide specific amounts of antioxidants, but raisins contain those antioxidants in higher levels. Raisins are a good source of nutrients, minerals and energy in the form of calories and sugar.

1 ounce of raisins contains

● Calories- 129

● Protein- 1.42 grams

● Sugar- 28.03 grams

● Fat- 0.11 grams

● Carbohydrates- 34. 11 grams

● Fibre- 0.9 grams

Health Benefits

Prevents acidity: Raisins contain alkalines such as copper, magnesium, irons and potassium, which helps balance the acidity level in the stomach.

Eye health: It protects the eyes from free radical damages as raisins contain polyphenols which protect eyes from this condition.

Aids in anaemia: Raisins contains iron, copper and vitamins, which is essential for making red blood cells and carry oxygen in the entire body. Thus it plays a vital role in preventing anaemia.

Health Risk 

● To much intake of raisins means too much information of soluble fibre, which can cause gastrointestinal problems like cramps, gas and bloating. Some people can even develop diarrhoea; well, this problem occurs only when one overeats amount of raisins limited consumption of raisins won't lead to any issues.

● Well, raisins contain as much as calories of a grape, and as it is smaller in size, we tend to eat a lot of them, which means a lot of calory intake