Radish can be an unpopular veggie and not be found more often in your kitchen. But this underrated veggie contains ample of health benefits that support good digestion, anticancer properties, and antibacterial properties etc.

Radish Contains

Calories- 12

Carbohydrates- 2.0 grams

Fibre- 1 gram

Protein- 0.35 grams

Health Benefits

Reduces zen effects: Zen effect is a toxic fungus which severely affects reproductive in animals and humans, although the rate of risk in human is low as compared to animals. Radish extracts improve the level of antioxidants in the body, which is preferably best to reduce zen effects.

Improves digestion: 1/2 cup of radish serves 1 gram of fibre. Fibre is said to be a significant cause for better digestion. Intake of such amount of radish daily would meet the goal of fibre intake, which will directly supper better digestion.

Health Risk

Pregnancy: Not much information you will get about this significantly, but it is said one must avoid eating radish if she is pregnant or breastfeeding.

It can affect your body negatively if you are suffering from gallbladder stone