Prune Juice

Prune Juice

Prune is a dried plum, which is enjoyed as a snack. But it can also be a beneficial health drink.

Prune is high in vitamin B, which plays a vital role in metabolism, DNA and RBCs. It too boosts skin and eye health.

Furthermore, it's widely popular amongst the older section as it helps cutting constipation as it contains fibres which soften the stools and provide laxatives.

A cup of prune juice contains

● Calories- 182

● Protein- 1.5 grams

● Carbs- 42 grams

● Fibre- 2.5 grams

● Sugar- 42 grams

Health Benefits

Control Appetite: Prune juice can make you feel satiety which means you will feel full of more extended time. The soluble fibre content in prune slows down digestion. Prune also contains a low glycemic index which means it slows down the increase of blood sugar level.

Protect Bone Strength: Dried plums contain a varied range of plant compound which might help in bone strength.

Preserve liver health: Apart from medication most often people use prune juice to cure hepatitis, a liver infection. However, there is no such research that has explored it yet.

Health Risk

● People who think to add prune juice to their diet must know that it has a high sugar level and it is excessively rich in calories.

● Excessive intake of sugar can take up a severe toll in our body; it can increase blood sugar and can turn all the benefits of prune juice to side effects.



● 2 cups of water

● Five prunes

● 2tbs sugar

● 2tbs lemon juice


● Keep covered and Set aside for 15-20 mins.

● To a blender, add soaked prunes, 1 cup water then add sugar. I used cane sugar you can replace with white sugar too.

● Blend it until smooth. You can drink it as such or strain it.

● Extract the juice entirely by pressing with a spoon. Finally, add lemon juice.

●To the serving, adds few ice cubes in the glass, then pour the juice mix in it and serve immediately.