Since thousands of years, pepper has been considered the king of spices as it provides a delicious flavour to food and can make any bland food tastier. It also contains a lot of antioxidants which makes it beneficial to health as well.

Pepper contains

Calories- 15.9

Carbohydrates- 13.0 grams

Fat- 1.7 grams

Protein- 1.3 grams

Health Benefits

Pepper has the potential to enhance functioning and absorption of certain kind of nutrients which have beneficial compounds.

Consumption of pepper can stimulate the release of enzymes in your intestine and pancreas which helps digest fat and carb. It also aids in Diarrhea by inhibiting muscle spams in your digestive tracts which slower the process of digestion.

Health Risk

Well, the only common side effects of all the spices are overconsumption. Do not consume herbs in a more considerable amount as it contains heat and can cause severe heat up in your body.

Overconsumption of spices, mainly pepper can cause severe irritation and burning sensation in the throat and stomach.