Earlier papaya was considered rare fruit, but now they are available throughout the year and supports the body in many positive ways.

1 papaya contains

● Calories- 120

● Carbohydrates- 30grams

● Sugar- 18grams

● Fibre- 5 grams

● Protein- 2 grams

Health Benefits

Inflammation: Papaya has a very unique and versatile nutrient called choline which supports sleep, macular movement, and memory. It also helps in reducing chronic inflammation and fats

Macular degeneration: Zeaxanthin in papaya is a type of antioxidants that fights the harmful blue lights in the body, which further helps in keeping eye health protected and decrease the risk of macular degeneration

Digestion: Papaya contains papain enzyme which aids in digestion, it also contains water and fibre both of them helps in preventing constipation.

Health Risk

● Papaya contains chitinases enzyme which might make it allergic to the people who already have a latex allergy.

● Apart from this, there are no such side effects from papaya.

Papaya Halwa Recipe


● 2 cups of raw papaya peeled and sliced

● ¼ cup sweetener

● 1 spoon ghee

● 1-2 chopped elaichi

● ½ almond essence

● ½ walnut chopped


● Cook the papaya along with ¼ cup water in a pressure cooker

● When the papaya becomes tender, mash it and add elaichi and fry till the water evaporates

● Add the almond essence and walnuts to the papaya mix, fry it for 10 mins add ghee from above.

● Close the stove add the artificial sweetener and serve it hot. Make sure to garnish it with dry fruits.