Orange is widely popular for its vitamin C content in it. Plus it has a varied range of advantages to provide the body. Here we will learn about the advantages and dietary benefits of it.

An orange contains

● Calories- 60

● Fibre- 3 grams

● Protein- 1 gram

● Sugar- 12 grams

Health Benefits

Aids in cancer: Vitamin C is an excellent resource of antioxidants, for which orange can combat the formation of free radicals that causes cancer.

Skin: Collagen promotes skin health, heals wounds, and enhances appearance. And collagen is supported by vitamin C; thus orange consumption or even applying of orange peels can put significant effects on your skin.

Health Risk

● People with the gastric problem can face some issues, like heartburn or upset stomach. This happens because of intaking citrus fruits.

Face pack by orange peels

● Yes, not only oranges but the peels of oranges are even beneficial to your skin.

● Keep the peels aside and enjoy your orange, then let the peel dry for 1 day

● Grind the peels in the mixer

● Add honey and malai to the grated peel

● Apply it to your skin for 10 mins and rinse it with warm water.

● Orange peel mask provides an instant glow to your skin and keeps it fresh looking for a long time.