Well, all the Vegetables have there own sets of benefits to provide to the body. But certain kinds of veggies have some special compound in them which serves unique locations of services to the body. One such veggie is onion; they contain nutrients, minerals plus some kind of plant compound which affects the health in many positive ways.

Onion contains

Calories- 40

Fat- 0.1 gram

Fibre- 1.7 grams

Sugar- 4.2 grams

Protein- 1.1 grams

Health Benefits

Loaded with antioxidants: Antioxidants protect the body from getting damaged cells and inhibits oxidation which can cause cancer in future. Antioxidants help on preventing diabetes and heart diseases too. Onion contains more than 25 kinds of flavonoid antioxidants which help in fighting a lot of diseases

Antibacterial properties: Onions are not only rich in minerals and nutrients but it's antibacterial properties have great potential to fight against dangerous bacteria like E.coli and pseudomonas. Further, the extracts of onion can also protect against the growth of Vibro cholera which is a significant concern in health in these new times.

Health Risk

Hypes the symptoms of IBS: Although IBS is not that harmful to stomach or intestine, it can cause significant life-affecting symptoms than directly takes a toll to your moods. Few food intakes are said to be triggering for such conditions and onion is one of those.

Aggregate bad breath: Onion belongs to allium family like garlic, so intake of this food in over quantity can show up bad breath and smell of this food can even reflect in your sweat.