Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is obtained from olives tree crop produced by pressing whole olives and extracting the oil from it. It is used in cooking, for frying foods or as a salad dressing.

It is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and soaps.

Olive oil contains

Oleic acid- 83%

Linoleic acid- 21%

Palmitic acid- Upto 20%

Health Benfits

Helps to prevent stroke: Older people who consume olive oil regularly reduces the chance of stroke by 41% from people who don't drink it.

Fights depression: People who include polyunsaturated or monosaturated fat like olive oil in their diet can fight against the risk of depression.

Health Risk

Olive oil can increase the issue of acne or even skin rashes in some people if they are allergic to oil and can also suffer from skin irritability.

Excessive consumption of unprocessed olive oil can increase the risk of lethal diseases like stroke, obesity, heart attack etc