Normal Water

Normal Water

It's very much crucial to keep the body hydrated for its well being. Our body is 60% of water; thus, it is essential to balance it to keep your health good for the length of time.

Water intake is a must, but we often forget that fluid intake plays a vital role in health.

It is said that men should drink 13 cups of water daily, which is 100 ounce, and women should drink 9 cups of water which is 73 ounce. This is the total required water intake a human being should have daily.

But in results, a human being drinks only 4 cups of water a day as suggested by the study. We often neglect the essential thing that provides significant benefits. There are a lot of health benefits that water offers us.

Health Benefits

● Water helps in forming saliva and mucus, saliva helps us indigestion, and it also keeps the eyes, mouth and nose moist. Drinking water also keeps the oral health clean.

● Blood is nothing but 60% water and blood flow in the body and carries oxygen. Thus water helps in oxygen flow throughout the body.

● Water which is stored in the middle layer of skin works as sweating when the body heats up excessively. This helps in cooling down of body temp.

● Drinking water is necessary for removing waters from the body in terms of sweat, urine and faeces.

Health Risk 

There are no side effects of water intake; you can drink water as much as you want; it will only be good for your health.

Facts On Water Intake

● Food that has fluids is a significant source of water in our body.

● It's a myth that people say one individual should drink eight glass of water as it has no evidence.

● A healthy body is said to have balanced tune in fluids intake.

● It varies from person to person how much water intake is enough for them