Mango is considered as the king of fruits for its excellent juicy taste. We wait for the seasons of mango desperately as it is one of the favourites in Indian houses. Apart from this, mango has an impressive nutrition count that serves our body with great benefits.

Mango contains nutrients like

● Calories- 99

● Fibre- 2.6 grams

● Protein- 1.4 grams

● Carbs- 24.7 grams

● Fat- 0.6 grams

Health Benefts

Improves digestion: Mango contains digestive enzymes called amylases which helps in keeping digestion clean.

Improves hair and skin health: Mango has a rich amount of vitamin C, which promotes collagen; this collagen is responsible for healthy skin and hair.

Boosts immunity: One cup of mango serves 10% of daily required vitamin A; vitamin A is much essential for health as it fights all the infections that occur in the body.

Health Risk

● One must restrict eating a lot of mangoes if they have diabetes or suffering from weight gain as mango contains a lot of calory and sugar.

Mango Smoothie Recipe


● Sliced mangoes

● 2 bananas

● Honey 1 spoon

● Ice cream


● Add 1 cup milk, and the sliced mangoes and bananas.

● Blende the ingredients together, add honey and mint essence.

● Serve it with ice cream as a topping.