Lemon Water

Lemon Water

We have seen that drinking lemon water early in the morning keep us refresh and energetic throughout the day. It is because lemon water contains some of the essential nutrients that can be very important in terms of detoxification of the body and help in digestion too.

It has even been observed that there are not every much of aide effects found in drinking lemon water. Thus is makes it the safest and most beat drink.

One glass of lemon water contains

● Calories- 10.6

● Vitamin- 18.6 mg

● Folates- 9.6 mg

● Potassium- 49.6 mg

Health Benefits

● Few significant benefits of lemon water are it aids on weight loss, keeps the food fresh, it relieves constipation and mental health.

● Lemon contains the right amount of vitamin C and plant compounds like flavonoids, which other includes antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

● Few of the studies show that lemon water can be a good alternative for kidney stone treatment. Water intake is very much crucial in curing kidney stones, and thus lemon water or even coconut waters can be best than regular water.

Health Risk

● Although lemon water has uncommonly few side effects, the acid present in lemon can cause results to dental health.

● Its the only side effect that that on has rather than dental issues there is no such side effect noticed in intake of lemon water.

Lemon Detox Drink Recipe


● 2 tbsp lemon water

● 2 tbsp honey

● 1 cup of chilled water

● 2-4 mint leaves

● 1/2 cucumber


● Add all the ingredients to the blender and blend it well.

● Remove the extra pulps in the water and pour it in a glass.

● Add some honey and chat masala. Add a few cubed of ice and your detox is ready.

● Try taking it early in the morning or after your workout sessions