Lady's Finger

Lady Finger

Lady's finger is also known as okra and gumbo. It is a warm-season veggie which is loaded with minerals, nutrients and many other fibres which helps the body in many ways.

100 grams of lady's finger contains

Calories- 33

Protein- 1.9 grams

Carbs- 7.5 grams

Fibre- 3.2 grams

Sugar- 1.2 grams

Health Benefits

Osteoporosis: Consuming vitamin K can keep your bone health and fit and prevents fractures of bone decay. Lady's finger contains the right amount of vitamin K. Thus, the intake of lady's finger can help you keep your bones safe.

Gastrointestinal health: Research says if a person eats more fibre loaded food, the chances of him getting colorectal cancer becomes low as fibres help to prevent constipation and keep bowel movement smooth.

Pregnancy: Folates content in the body is much needed at the time of pregnancy as if it escapes any complication in fetal. Low level of folates can cause miscarriage or issues to the child.

Health Risk

Lady's fingers are high in oxalates and most of the kidney stones are due to the deposition calcium oxalates.

People using blood thinner or tend blood clotting should avoid overconsumption of vitamin K rich foods.

Lady's finger contains solanine which may trigger joint pain and prolonged inflammation in some people.