Jackfruit is a sweet flavour tropical fruit which can be eaten in both ways either cooked or raw, plus jackfruit provides a lot of health benefits as well.

1 cup of sliced jackfruit contains

● Calories- 155

● Carbs- 40 grams

● Protein- 3 grams

● Fibre- 3 grams

Health Benefits

Protection against diseases: Jackfruit contains a lot of antioxidants which firms a layer against diseases. These antioxidants fight with the oxidative stress and inflammation which causes harmful radicals in our body; these radicals are responsible for the formation of diseases

Prevents skin problems: There are surveys which says eating jackfruit can slow down the ageing of the skin, as apart from antioxidants jackfruit contains vitamin C, which plays a significant role in skin benefits.

Benefits of flavonols: Jackfruit contains the right amount of flavonols which is a kind of antioxidants that helps in lowering the blood sugar level, blood pressure or even cholesterol level.

Health Risk

● Not for everyone but people with pollen allergy should avoid eating jackfruit as it can increase the problem

● As it controls the blood sugar level and pressure people with medication for such issues should consult a doctor before intaking it daily.

Jackfruit Pickle Recipe


● 3 Kg kathal (jackfruit) (cut into chunks), peeled

● 1 1/4 cup salt + 1/4 cup for the water

● 1 cup haldi (turmeric)

● 2 1/2 cups pissi rai (powdered mustard seeds)

● 1 cup kuti lal mirch (coarsely ground red pepper)

● 2 tbsp kalonji (onion seeds)

● 2 tbsp heeng (asafoetida)

● 2 kg sarson ka tel (mustard oil)


● Cook the jackfruit with ¼ cup water

● Then leave it for drying, you might have to pat it dry.

● When the fruit is totally dried add lal mirch, kalonji, heeng, salt and rai.

● Keep this marinated jackfruit for 4 days in tight jar.

● Heat sarson ka tel,add rai in it and some haldi.

● Pour this oil in the jackfruit mixture, make sure the level of oil is above the marination.

● Keep the pickle in an airtight container for 2-3 days.

● Your jack fruits pickle is ready.