Garam Masala

Garam Masala

Garam masala is a mixture of all the spices which some or the other way puts up with medical benefits and have positive effects on human health. To its other garam masala add tremendously delicious flavour to your food.

Garam masala contains

Calories- 30

Carbohydrates- 7 grams

Fat- 1 gram

Protein- 1 gram

Health Benefits

Garam masala can provide aids to arthritis and gout. Many people have said that intake of garam masala has relaxed their joint and spinal pain.

Garam masala can reduce the black spots and dark circles and even helps in restoring the vitality of skin. If one adds garam masala to their diet, it can even help in removing dead and dry skins.

Garam masala can increase blood flow, which helps in hair growth.

Health Risk

Well in some people, garam masala can cause itching or rashes, and even overconsumption of this can cause allergies too

Garam masala contains some hot and heated up ingredients; thus, over the use of this can cause temperature rise or heat up of the body