An eggplant can serve a total of 5% of a man's daily requirements of fibres, protein, and minerals. Eggplants have a lot of advantages to provide with the low-calorie count.

One fresh eggplant contains

Calories- 33

Carbohydrates- 8.29 grams

Sugar- 3.04 grams

Fibre- 2.4 grams

Health Benefits

Cognitive function: Studies say that Bakunin and anthocyanins present in the skin of eggplant can protect brain cells from causing damages by radicals.

Eye health: Eggplants contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are a kind of antioxidants that helps in eyesight management. These two antioxidants protect the eye from age-related issues kike degeneration, cataract etc.

Health Risk

Eggplants belong to the family of nightshade veggies which contains alkaloids and solanine, which can be toxic to the body.

Symptoms like burning throat, nausea, and heart arrhythmias if some intakes the steam of this plants.

In rarest of chances, one might get triggered by one or two compounds in eggplants