Dried figs

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Dried figs

Dried fig is used to treat health issues related to endocrine, reproductive and respiratory systems. It is soft fruits with red or purple thin skin and contains a lot of nutrients and nutritional values.

Dried figs contain

● Calories- 249

● Sugar- 47.92 grams

● Protein- 3.3 grams

● Fibre- 9.8 grams.

Health Benefits

Glucose and diabetes control: Research says that dried figs have liver-protecting and glucose lowing effects.

Digestive system: Because of its laxative properties, people often use dried figs syrup to cute constipation.

Hair health: Dried figs contain a lot of iron which is very much beneficial of hair health. As it promotes hair growth and lessens the damages.

Health Risk

● Since dried figs contain too much of fibres, thus it is advisable that one must restrict the amount of dried figs intake.

● Some people can also develop allergies after intake of dried figs. If one sees any symptoms of allergies must stop taking dried figs