Cumin claims to provide aid in digestion, immunity and circulation. Some of the claims of cumin have shown clinical proves, but most the claims are yet to get a valid proof. All the cumin does contain a lot of benefits.

Cumin contains

Calories- 22.5

Carbohydrates- 2.7 grams

Fat- 1.3 gram

Health Benefits

In earlier time cumin was used for curing diarrhoea and in current times even the doctors suggest cumin seeds for curing diarrhoea before opting proper medication.

Cumin may counter the effects of anti-inflammatory, which causes other conditions to get trigger as it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cumin extracts, a type of oil which is used as an effective larvicide and antiseptic agent, this kind of fats, even strains of bacteria and antiseptics in the body.

Health Risk

Although cumins have no such side effects even if taken in more considerable amount. But still once should not increase the intake of cumin from 300-600mg per day.

Some research has shown that cumin seed can suppress the testosterone level, which can make you less fertile.