Cucumber Juice

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Cucumber Juice

It has rich nutrients and plant compounds that help fight certain kind of health condition. Cucumbers are low in calories and contain a fair amount of water and fibres.

A glass of cucumber juice contains

● Calories- 45

● Protein- 11 grams

● Carbs- 2 grams

● Fibre- 2 grams

● Sugar- 0

Health Benefits

Promotes hydration: Water plays a vital role in our body helps in temperature regulation and transportation of waste product and nutrients.

Promotes regularity: Dehydration is the primary cause of constipation. Therefore intake of cucumber drink can keep the bowel movement clear.

Helps weight loss: Cucumber carry low calories, so one can drink cucumber juice as much as they want that would keep the stomach full and adds no calories to the body too.

Health Risk

Cucumber juice is such juice that has no side effects leaving one minor problem as cucumber contains a lot of water, therefore, consumption of this juice in total quantity can keep you going to the washroom frequently.



● 1 fresh chopped cucumber

● 10-12 mint leaves

● 1 lemon

● 2 spoons honey


● Peel of the cucumbers, slice it in pieces.

● Now put it in a blender and add some mint leaves, lemon and honey.

● Blend them all and store it in the fridge.

● It tastes better with the pulps, so it is suggested to keep the pulps in the juice.