There has been a massive confusion whether the intake of caffeine is good or bad for health. Well, research says moderate intake of caffeine can bring both benefits and side effects.

But the moment you start taking caffeine in larger quantities that are when it brings only and only side effects.

Caffeine is the most common drug which also a stimulant that the entire world uses in a larger number as it helps in concentration, wakefulness and fatigue.

Nutrient content in caffeine

● Calories- 403

● Protein- 19 grams

● Fat- 8.5 grams

● Fibre- 15.5 grams

● Carbohydrates- 63 grams

Health Benefits

● 75mg of coffee can help in keeping an individual well aware and alerted when you increase this mg into 160-600 dosage that can improve speed reasoning, mental alertness and sharpen memories.

● Research says that a higher level of coffee intake in an individual's life span can lower the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

● A particular study said that people who intake more than a cup of coffee a day for four long years could reduce the risk of having type 2 diabetes by 1% unlike them who have not changed their intake.

Health Risk 

● It has been observed that more than three cups of coffee can cause severe fatal in terms of pregnancy as it can delay the growth of the foetus and even can cause miscarriage.

● Higher consumption of caffeine can increase the symptoms of anxiety and depression to a great extend.

● The main level of caffeine intake can trigger a gout attack in terms of this condition. Drinking six cups in 24 hrs can increase the risk by four-folds.

Espresso Coffee Recipe 


● 2 tbsp coffee

● 1 cup of milk

● 1 tbsp water

● 2 tbsp cocoa powder


● Add the coffee and water in a cup and mix it well until the colour changes to lightish brown.

● Bring the milk to boil, add sugar if you want as to it's your choice. Boil it for 4 mins, and then pour it in a mug add the mixed coffee to it

● Then sprinkle some cocoa powder from the top. Your espresso is ready.