Coconut Water

Coconut Water

We have often noticed that whenever the body heat increases, our mother would give us coconut water as coconut water is said to have cooling properties.

And even in recent time coconut water have gained much attention as it has some of the beat minerals which our body does not get in ample amount. It serves a lot of healthy benefits to our body.

1 cup of coconut water contains

● Calories- 46

● Carbs- 9 grams

● Fibre- 3 grams

● Protein- 2 grams

Health Benefits

● It can be a great source of hydration. Coconut outs out slightly nutty and sweet taste which feels good to drink. Plus it is shallow in crabs and calories which makes it favourite for weight-loss too.

● Intake of a lot of liquid is mainly essential to prevent kidney stones. Well, drinking water has been an excellent choice to avoid this condition, but studies say drinking of coconut water can be even better.

● Coconut water works wonder after a heavy workout as it refills the hydration in the body plus it replenishes the electrolyte in the body.

Health Risk

As even the best kinds of stuff have some of the ill effects just like that coconut water too, have some side effects such as.

● Though there are no much-seen side effects of coconut, over intake of coconut water can cause stomach upset.

● Coconut water can increase the level of potassium in the body to many extend.

Coconut Smoothie Recipe 


● 2 glass of coconut water

● 1 cup of strawberries stem removes

● 1 cup of Berries

● One cup of watermelon seeds removed.

● 1 cup of ice


● Add all the ingredients with coconut water to the blender and mix it well until it is thick and smoothie.

● Add some sliced fruits from above and ice cubes. Your smoothie is ready for drinking