Cloves are a very versatile type of spices, it can be used as roasted spices, seasoning in baking, used for hot beverages etc. And recent studies even show that consumption of cloves helps in significant health benefits.

Cloves contain

Calories- 21.0

Carbohydrates- 9.4 grams

Fat- 10.9 grams

Protein- 0.7 grams

Health Benefits

Cloves have antimicrobial properties which means they can stop the growth of microorganisms like bacteria. Antibacterial properties of cloves help in oral health too.

Some essential compounds present in cloves are said to be very much crucial for bone health, which prevents the bone from getting any damages and even prevents it from osteoporosis.

Some studies even ensure that clove can aid in stomach ulcers. Some of the compounds in the clove are effective enough to fight against these conditions.

Health Risk

Overuse of clove or clove oil can cause your skin to feel burning sensation, and it even can cause hives and painful rashes.

Keep infants away from swallowing clove as it can cause severe chocking and can cause other problems too.