Cauliflower has numbers of nutrients and protein that fights against cancer, sharpen memory, enhance weight loss and keeps digestion smooth. Rather than that, the cauliflower is one of the delicious veggies to eat.

100 grams of cauliflower contains

Calories- 27

Fat- 0.3 grams

Protein- 2 grams

Sugar- 2 grams

Fibre- 2.1 grams

Carbohydrates- 5 grams

Health Benefits

Bone health: The primary cause of affected bone health, such as a bone fracture or osteoporosis is a low level of vitamin k in the body. Intaking of vitamin K can improve bone health as it acts as a modifier to the bone matrix protein. As cauliflower contains the right amount of vitamin K. Therefore, it is highly suggested to one who suffers from such conditions.

Digestion: The central aspect of proper digestion is the intake of water and fibre, which prevent constipation and lower the risk of colon cancer. To support a healthy digestion cauliflower can be a help.

Health Risk

If a person is on a blood thinner, then he should avoid eating cauliflower as a high level of vitamin K can cause blood clotting.

Foods that have high fibre content can cause you bloating and flatulence. But intaking of moderate portion causes no harm to the body