Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is obtained from castor seeds and is generally pale yellow. Castor oil serves a lot of medical benefits, but the most notable one is it supports the sound digestive system.

Castor oil composition

Ricinoleic acid- (85-95)%

Oleic acid- (2-6)%

Linoleic acid- (1-5)%

A-Linolenic acid- (0.5-1)%

Health Benefits

Skincare: Helps in maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance. It also helps in keeping the face texture and complexion smooth and glowing, and these happen due to the presence of fatty acid in castor oil.

Remedy for constipation: Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid help in relaxing of the muscle of intestines. Thus, intake of castor oil or even applying it can be very much beneficial of the health.

Treat joint pain: Castor oil has anti-inflammatory property which makes it ideal massage oil for treating arthritis.

Health Risk

Any product or any substance that you use in your skin might not go well with your skin and can react negatively which means you are allergic to that particular thing. Suppose you see any reaction after using castor oil should immediately consultant doctor.

Well, castor oil has some of the promising properties that do have adequate health support. But most of the claims about castor oil is not scientific but anecdotal which have no scientific evidence, thus will it help or not is unclear.

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