Carrot has been our parents choice from years after years as it is considered the multiway veggie, which serves lots of benefits to the body.

One medium raw carrot contains

Calories- 25

Carbohydrates- 5.8 grams

Sugar- 2.9 grams

Fibre- 1.7 grams

Health Benefits

Maintain blood pressure: Fibre and potassium present in carrots are excellent sources which help in managing blood pressure level. Intake of sodium should be under control when you have an issue of blood pressure. Research says to keep blood pressure level in balance; one must lower the intake of sodium and increase the level of od potassium.

Immune function: Carrot contains a high level of vitamin, C, which promotes collagen in the body. Collagen has been generous support to body cells. Collagen also helps in healing wounds and skin health.

Health Risk

A person using medication should check with their doctors before making any changes in dietary plans

Few people can suffer allergy from compounds of carrot if one notices hives, swelling, or any other symptoms should immediately restrict eating carrots.