Cardamom is used for a long time, be it in the kitchen or medical. It has gained a lot of popularity in terms of its exceptional medicinal benefits. It has excellent potential to be able to affect your body in the right way.

Cardamom contains

Calories- 17.9

Carbohydrates- 12.9 grams

Fat- 3.2 grams

Protein- 1.2 grams

Health Benefits

We consider cinnamon and mint as a mouth freshener, but we often neglect the fact that even cardamom can help keep your oral health clean as it has the potential to fight against bacteria.

It can cure or prevent cancer cell as it contains natural phytochemicals. Though it can't replace the treatment of cancer, it does has cancer-preventing properties.

It contains properties which help in keeping the digestive system clean and smooth. Some study shows people use these spices to make effective tea which helps keep the stomach soft.

Health Risk

These spices are likely too significantly less or no side effects. Thus one must munch on it like chocolate. Just keeping the intake moderate or low will be enough