Cabbage can prevent radiation, and aid in cancer treatment, plus it has some excellent nutrients counts and protein, which helps in keeping the body fit and fine.

1 cup of cabbage contains

Calories- 17

Carbohydrates- 4 grams

Protein- 1 gram

Sugar- 2 grams

Fibre- 1 gram

Health Benefits

Heart health: A compound called anthocyanins found in red cabbages which has the potential to prevent cancer and is said to be used for suppressing inflammation that can cause cardiovascular disease.

Cancer prevention: Research shows that intake of cruciferous veggies can help in preventing cancer cells as this kind of veggies contains sulforaphane which has cancer-fighting potential.

Health Risk

It does help in weight loss till when you are consuming it, the moment you will leave the diet you will start to regain. Therefore it is suggested if you are not able to eat cabbage diet for the rest of your life, don't even start it in the first place.

Some people even have problems in digesting cruciferous veggies, their consumption of small amounts of such food is suggested.