Broccoli is considered a superfood, which has a lot of nutrients and calorie count, which serves the body with some great benefits.

1 cup of broccoli contains

Calories- 24

Carbohydrates- 4.78 grams

Sugar- 1 gram

Fibre- 1.82 grams

Health Benefits 

Boost Immune system: Vitamin C is such a kind of antioxidants which can support a lot of issues single-handedly. It can aid cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataract and even boosts up your immune system.

Reduce inflammation: When the immune system is severely affected, that's when inflammation occurs and this kind of inflammation can give spaces to infections major diseases to occur.

Skin health: Vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen, which is the support system of body cells, including the skin. Vitamin C plays a significant role in keeping the skin fresh from wrinkles and slows down ageing.

Health Risk

At times people can be allergic to broccoli if they observe hives, swelling and difficulty in breathing when they consume broccoli.

There are no such effects of broccoli that can cause severe issues to the body. But yes limited and required amount of intake is suggested in case of potassium content level.