Beet Juice

Beet is relatively low in sugar and provides some excellent health benefits. Beetroot contains the right amount of betalains, which offers deep red colour to the vegetables. This betalain acts as potent antioxidants which helps in controlling the risk of heart diseases, inflammation, and some cancer.

Beet juice also contains inorganic nitrates in a prosperous amount which have shown a decrease in the blood pressure level and keep one energetic for a longer period of time.

A glass of beet juice contains

● Calories-70

● Protein- 1 gram

● Carbs- 18 grams

● Fibre- 1 gram

● Sugar- 13 grams

Health Benefits

Boost athletic performance: Certain compounds like betalains, nitrates improve athletic energy as it increases the blood flow and oxygen in the muscles.

Protecting the liver: Beetroot juice contents vitamin A, vitamin B-6, and iron which helps in keeping the liver away from inflammation and oxidative stress while enhancing it to remove toxins from the body

Preventing anaemia: Without iron, red blood cells are unable to transfer oxygen to the body, and beetroot is a container of iron. Thus it prevents the body from developing iron-deficiency anaemia.

Health Risk

● There are no such severe side effects of beet juice, but over intake of beetroot juice can cause the change of urine colour to purple or red, which is called beeturia. However, this kind of problems is temporary and is not a matter of concern.

● Nitrate in beetroot can cause hype in the blood pressure level. It is suggested that one who is taking blood pressure medication should avoid intake of beet juice.

● Beetroot contains oxalates which can cause kidney stone; therefore, a moderate amount of beetroot juice should be taken.



● One small beetroot

● One apple

● One carrot

● Two small pieces of ginger

● One lemon


● Put all the ingredients leaving lemon in the blender and blend it smoothly.

● Remove the pulps from the juice and add the lemon and stir.

● Put it in a container and cool it. Your drink is ready.