Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are possibly used for adding flavour to your food such as soup, stew and curry. Apart from this, it is said that bay leaves are even used for health benefits as it can be used for making tea or crushed into skin creams and it even has properties which can prevent cancer, gastric problems and dandruff.

Bay Leaves contain

Calories- 5.6

Carbohydrates- less than 1

Fat- less than 1

Protein- less than 1

Health Benefits

Bay leaves are boiled and applied to the scalp to keep the hair and scalp healthy and dandruff free. The volatile and chemical ingredients present in bay leaves can free the scalp from dryness and dandruff and even promotes hair growth.

Bay leaves contain caffeic acid and rutin, which are great compound to keep the heart-healthy. Caffeic acid helps in eliminating bad cholesterol, and fustin helps in strengthen the capillary wall.

The very rarely known benefits of bay leaves is that it has properties like linalool just basils and thyme which have smoothing qualities and help in lowering the stress hormones.

Health Risk

One should always avoid eating a whole bay leave as it becomes tough to digest. It may cause damage to the spinal tract and even can get lodge in the throat.

Well if taking bay leaves in lower amount or for some time as medical aid then it would cause no harm. But over intaking of bay leaves have proven side effects and severe one too