Apricots are considered stone fruits and also known as American plums. Apricots are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and therefore it serves many benefits to the body.

Two fresh apricots contain

● Calories- 34

● Carbs- 8 grams

● Fat- 0.27 grams

● Protein- 1 gram

● Fibre- 1.5 grams

Health Benefits

Boost skin health: The leading cause of wrinkles and skin damages are environmental issues such as exposure to sunlight pollution and cigarette smoking. This kind of directions can cause deadly skin diseases melanoma. One can prevent this condition by intaking as much as antioxidants they can, and apricots are the best way to add antioxidants to the diet.

Rich in potassium: Apricots contains the right amount of potassium minerals which is responsible for giving signals to nerves and regulating muscles contraction and fluid balance.

Hydrating: Like any other fruits, apricots are also high in water level, which keeps the body temperature in level, joint-related issues at bay and regulated blood sugar and heart rates.

Health Risk

● There are not such danger intaking of apricots rather than some allergies that overconsumption can cause. But people who are sulfur- sensitive should be more cautious before eating it.