Milk is a significant product in the kitchen; our Indian household feels empty without milk because of its varied range of usage. But the healthy addition of milk in daily life depends on what type of milk you are opting.

For instance, if you tend to have flavour milk which contains as much as sugar in a can coke, which is no way beneficial to your health. But if you go for cow milk or pasteurised milk which is low in fat and high in protein, even cow milk is free from grease, lactose, hormones and even stay fresh for a longer time. This kind of milk adds excellent benefits to your health.

Nutrients content in Milk

● Calories- 83

● Fat- 0.2 grams

● Protein- 8.2 grams

● Sugar- 12.4 grams

Health Benefits 

There are a variety of health benefits that milk provides, though most of us are not very much fond of having milk every day. But when you get to know some excellent outcome of drinking milk, you might add it to your daily intake.

● Ample of vitamin D helps in the production of serotonin. It is a kind of hormone which is related to mood, appetite and sleep. And milk contains vitamin D at an adequate amount, which is why drinking a glass of milk before bedtime, provides us with sound sleep.

● Milk can be used to cure osteoporosis as milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for good bone health.

● Milk produces almost 8 gram of protein per cup, and these proteins are very much crucial for enhancing body tissue and preserve or increase lean muscle mass.

Health Risk

Well everything which has all good, can have a few wrong inputs too. Just like that intaking of something in over-limit can turn the benefits into side effects. Over intake of milk again forms specific side effects

● The casein is a type of protein present in milk, and people who suffer from casein sensitivity should avoid drinking milk cause it might trigger inflammation in digestion and can cause severe effects.

● People might notice vomiting, hives, blood in stool after drinking milk. These happen due to milk allergy. Therefore people with milk allergy should avoid milk intake.

Haldi (Turmeric) Milk Recipe

Well, we can take milk in any form as it will put the same benefits. But to make it tastier and services, you can always turn to "Haldi milk" or "Turmeric milk"


● One glass of milk

● 2 spoons of haldi powder

● 2-3 chunks of ginger

● 1 spoon cardamom powder

● 2 spoons honey


● Take a pan and heat the milk, until two boils. Then add haldi power and slower the flame

● Boil it for 5 mins and add cardamom and ginger in it, next boil it for five mins and turn of the gas.

● Pour it in a glass and add the honey. Drink it warm.

Why haldi milk?

Haldi has got excellent health benefit just like milk, and combining this two can serve wonders. Haldi milk can benefit:

● Cure cold and cough

● Body ache

● Tiredness

● Wounds

● Provides sound sleep

● Good of weight loss.